Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wed Mar 1 in #Miami: My friend Ana was #TheLittleMermaid for Halloween. She considered dressing in the costume to see the musical, but she decided against it. But I convinced her to take her wig, just in case. I put it in my man bag. After the show, we decided to take photos with the poster. I thought it would be funny if I put on the wig. But then I looked so much like the little mermaid, I'll bet people thought I was the actual star the show! But no - The star was @dianahuey! She's in the poster, and I'm beside the poster. 🐟 #broadwayinftlauderdale #musicaltheatre #theatre #BroadwaYMusical #ftlauderdale #travel #travelblog #Disney 🦀

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