Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check out my comedy video where I try to sell an "authentic" Transformers action figure

Here's the description I'm putting with my new video: "Josh has been having trouble selling his amazing goods on his eBay page. So he thought maybe videos would help to show how great his stuff is. In his first video, he's selling a real, authentic, vintage Transformers action figure. It's a valuable collector's item and you should buy it for lots of money." Now, that sort of leaves it up to the viewer to figure out that if it's serious or a joke. But because you're a loyal reader of my blog, I shall give you a top-secret inside tip: It's a joke. :) Check it out by clicking here.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Check out the first episode of my new talk show, "Talking Bollocks."

Josh and Marilla want to host a talk show. They also want to be guests on a talk show. Since neither is happening at the moment, they're taking things into their own hands and making their own talk show. They'll take turns interviewing each other. And they'll be "talking bollocks," which is an English expression meaning "talking about whatever." (Take Marilla's word for it, because she's English.) Check out the first episode - filmed on Saturday, December 6th, 2008, at Talking Bollocks Studios (a.k.a. Marilla's house) - by clicking here. (But be warned: THE VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC ADULT LANGUAGE THAT MAY OFFEND SOME.)