Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I acted in a radio ad for Mitsubishi's 10th Anniversary Sale

Here's me as the husband who forgot his wife's anniversary once, in a radio ad for the Mitsubishi 10th Anniversary Sale, recorded March 20, 2013 at Tattoo Music & Sound in Toronto. It's a bit unrealistic because I'll probably never be married. But it's very realistic in that if I do get married, I will for sure forget my anniversary. And I'll be scared of my wife.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I acted in 2 radio ads for Alberta hockey

Osum is an energy company in Alberta. The Cold Lake Ice are a Junior "B" Ice Hockey team based in Cold LakeAlbertaTrigger Communications is an ad agency in Calgary. Put them all together, and you have these two radio ads I acted in on March 21. I was in a studio in Toronto. Trigger was in a studio in Calgary. And a couple of the other actors were in a studio in New York City. Thanks to modern technology, distance is no obstacle to comedy gold.

Client: Osum
Title: "I don't like ice"
Here's me as the innocent guy in a restaurant saying he doesn't like ice in his drinks. A nearby hockey fan thinks I'm saying I don't like the Cold Lake Ice hockey team.

Client: Osum
Title: "The ice sucks"
Here's me as a passionate hockey fan who's a friend of an innocent guy saying the ice on the lake sucks for ice fishing. Me and another friend think he's saying he doesn't like the Cold Lake Ice hockey team, who are in the Alberta provincial finals. I'm the one who says, "We still going ice fishing today?... Sorry, what?... Uh, yah. Nypower, Cunnigham, Bourget... Top 3 point scorers in the playoffs. I don't see any suck in that lineup." (I improvised the line "I don't see any suck in that lineup.")