Monday, January 24, 2011

My heroic assembling of this superhero cartoon

A woman recently responded to my Kijiji ad asking for a very specific cartoon. She even provided visual references of everything. I'm attaching the items so you can see how it was all put together. She wanted the superhero body, with the sports team insignia on the shirt, holding up the company logo, with the face of her loved one. You can see how I put it all together, in full colour and in my special Josh style. The client was very pleased. You might say I passed the test with "flying colours." Or, if you don't enjoy horrible puns, you might not say that. Regardless, if you want your own personalized cartoon, email me at josh.rachlis (AT)

Mother duck teaches in my cartoon for soap company

For The Soap Works, the holiday season wasn't just a chance to sell eco-friendly gifts, it was a chance to remind us the importance of hand-washing to stay healthy. I came up with a few ways to convey this. And a loving mother duck and her duckling kids won out. Note: Do NOT read that last sentence out loud ten times fast. We're trying to keep things "clean." Ha ha, get it? Anyway, to order your own personalized cartoon, email me at joshrachlis (AT)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Frogs open their gifts in my xmas cartoon for the eco soap company

For the Christmas season, The Soap Works hired me to do another cartoon for their in-store displays. This one was to get out the message that soap is a gift people will actually use - which is yet another eco feature of the soaps. I came up with a few concepts, and this was the winner. I'm sure I could end this post with some double-meaning eco/frog pun playing off the expression "It's not easy being green," but, hey, write your own. Why do I have to do all the work here? To order a personalized cartoon of your very own, email me at: joshrachlis (AT)

Friday, January 21, 2011

My new show helps you get into creative careers!

As you know, I've been doing some creative careers consulting via my popular one-on-one Creativi-Teas. And now it's time to help a wider audience. Below or by clicking here, you can watch Episode 1 of The Creative Itch, a new show that will help all of you who have the urge to do something creative but don't know how to go about it.  My co-host Gwen Elliot is a kindred spirit, because like me she throws herself at every creative opportunity she can make or find. Today's Creative Itch Tip: (with apologies to Nike) Just do it. For example, if you want a TV show, film yourself and put it on YouTube. Like we're doing. See, you've learned something already and you haven't even watch the show yet. When's the last time you learned anything useful from Entertainment Tonight? I'm just kidding - I love Entertainment Tonight. I would host it in a second. You hear that, Entertainment Tonight producers? (See, there's another free tip: Ass-kissing.)