Monday, June 15, 2009

Watch Talking Bollocks, Episode 8: Marriage

Josh interviews Rill about what it's like to be married. Josh talks about his thoughts on marriage, too. It's funny, but also touching. Like when in the 80's, you'd have a serious issue on a sitcom and the ads for it would say: "A very special episode of Family Ties." That's what this is. A very special episode of Talking Bollocks. Filmed on June 14, 2009. To view it, click here.

"Talking Bollocks" is a chat show born out of frustration - both Josh and Rill want to host a talk show. Until they get the gig they're interviewing themselves. This week they have a studio audience. Well, Josh's friend Jocelyn. So more of an audient. For more of these fabulous hosts, visit Marilla Wex at and Josh Rachlis at

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Check out me being inteviewed about my green comedy!

Here's an interview I did about my green comedy on the Liquid Lunch show on on April 2, 2009. In the schedule listing they referred to me as "Eco comedian Josh Rachlis." That has a nice ring to it.

I talk about my love for Laurie David, how polluting the air can't possibly be a good thing, and why it's not about saving "the environment," it's about saving ourselves.

The real question, though, is why I decided to have them show my topless audition video at the end instead of just screening the original Laurie David web cam proposal. Sometimes I wonder about myself.

You can listen to and download the audio of the interview by clicking here. Or you can watch it below.

Josh interviewed about his eco comedy on Liquid Lunch show

Watch Talking Bollocks, Episode 7: What it's like to be a Jew

In this episode, Rill interviews Josh about what it's like to be a Jew. Josh discusses dating Jewish women, reminisces about attending Camp B'nai Brith and reveals why he wishes he were Hassidic. Rill, who's not Jewish but is married a "hard-core Jew," shares her anti-Semitic sculpture from Poland. WARNING: Content may offend. On so many levels. Not sure I can recommend this one to my mom. Which is sad. We really should start making these at least sort of mom-friendly. Especially since she's pretty much the only person interested in watching this crap.

This episode was filmed on June 7, 2009. TALKING BOLLOCKS is a talk show born out of frustration - both Josh and Rill want to host a talk show. Until they get the gig they're interviewing themselves. This week they have a studio audience. Well, Josh's friend Jocelyn. So really, just an audient. Catch Marilla Wex at and Josh Rachlis at, well, the site you're already at.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Check out the brochure I drew for kids visiting the Ottawa Citizen!

You already know my mom's brilliant. But here's yet more proof. Last year, I was up in Ottawa the weekend of Doors Open Ottawa. I was keen on seeing the green roof at the water filtration plant. My parents, ever tolerant of my quirks, took me to see it. At the filtration plant, they had an educational brochure for kids feature cartoon illustrations of Mr. Drip, a big water drop with legs and arms and a face. Not sure if this was educational or just made kids terrified of water drops. But anyway, cut to a year later, and it's Doors Open Ottawa time again. My mom faxes me the Mr. Drip brochure that she presciently saved for some reason and calls me up with the idea to do something similar for kids who'll be visiting the Ottawa Citizen. Well! I love the Ottawa Citizen. And I love kids. And I love drawing. So this was the perfect storm. Feast your eyes on what resulted. Take that, Mr. Drip!

Support my mom in her walk for Baycrest, the home for the elderly

Were you inspired by the story I wrote about my amazing mom, Louise Rachlis, who runs marathons and does so much work for charity? (To refresh your memory and get re-inspired, scroll down to the May 10th posting or just click here.)

Here's a chance to thank her for the inspiration: On Thursday, June 18, she'll be participating as a walker in the Baycrest Boardwalk, in support of Baycrest and its programs and services for seniors. My equally-amazing sister Naomi will joining her to be push my Grandma in her wheelchair for the Walk. The three of them hope you'll sponsor them in this very worthwhile cause!

Here's the lovely tale my mom wrote on her sponsorship page: "
When we were packing up my mother for Baycrest last year, we found the Baycrest Volunteer smock she wore over a decade ago. She recognized then the value of Baycrest, and now she is benefiting from that value herself. Your support will provide crucial dollars for Baycrest's many programs and services for seniors. If you would like to make a donation, please do so. Otherwise, just celebrate with my family the joy of my mother in her 91st year. Thank you."

Even a dollar or two will make a difference. For instance, if all my Facebook friends gave just a dollar each, that would be $1,164. Or, let's say all my real-life friends gave a dollar each. That would be, um, ok, that wouldn't be any money. Thank god for Facebook.

To make a sponsorship donation
, please visit my mom's personal sponsorship page at

Listen to me in GreenSaver radio ads!

Why am I doing things like hiding in an air duct and sitting on my front steps nude? Long story. But suffice it to say, it's thanks to the great work of GreenSaver. GreenSaver is a home energy audit company that will come to your home and tell you all the things you can do to save energy, money and the environment. I wrote them some scripts for fun YouTube videos. They decided to produce them as radio ads. And they asked me to act in them! (I'm sure you're particularly glad that the nude one got done as radio instead of being filmed.) As an eco-friendly guy, I'm excited to be helping out such a great green company. Book your home energy audit today at No hiding in air ducts or nudity required.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Listen to me in a James Ready Beer radio ad!

James Ready Beer wants your help to keep it a buck a bottle. So they asked drinkers to send in photos to fill the billboards they'd bought, because they couldn't afford to make ads. As thanks for the help, JR is now offering their radio ad space to loyal drinkers. Here's my contribution, which is currently on the air. (Carly at my work apparently turned red when people played it for her. Do you think that's a good sign? Hmmm... Come to think of it, she hasn't spoken to me since. But she's probably just shy, right?)