Monday, November 09, 2009

Talking Bollocks - Ep.10: Birthdays!

For the big round number of Episode Ten, we're talking about birthdays. Which are also round numbers. Well, when the birthday is a round number. Which mine isn't. But it's still coming up on Thursday. Hence the theme. But naturally our discussion veers wonderfully off-topic, touching on Aardman Animation, Pride and Prejudice, lesbians, Josh's new condo and whether girls learn how to kiss by practising on each other. Which I still insist they do. And it's my birthday, so goddamit, I get to believe what I want.

For those of you who are new to Talking Bollocks, it's a talk show where Marilla and I interview each other every time, because nobody's given us a talk show yet. But I'm going to get one soon, because I think about it all the time. Just like that movie The Secret says to do. And yes, we touched on The Secret in this episode as well.

P.S. You'll also notice that the framing places Marilla front and centre, leaving me barely on the screen at all. Marilla claims this was an accident. But I suspect it reveals her true intentions for the show. Our "audient" Jenn, who was sitting right next to the camera, also somehow failed to correct the framing. Maybe I just won't bother showing up for the next episode and we'll see if anyone notices or cares. Although, I'm sure that little plan would backfire. Like every time I break up with a girl as a "test" and then they get married to someone else.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Mine was the funniest marriage proposal EVER!!!

I haven't produced anything new lately, so I figure in the spirit of environmentalism I'll "recycle" an older creative product, with the help of some fresh news on the subject from the site This morning, I got a Facebook friend request with this very sweet attached message:

Tracy says, "Josh Rachlis, you rock. That Laurie David proposal was the funniest thing I've seen in ages. I blogged about it, check out my website, blah blah blah ...but most of all, get in touch if you're ever going to be in LA. I'd love to meet you and introduce you to a fantastic group of people. You are bound for great things! Best - Tracy ("

This makes me happy on a couple of levels. One, I want to visit L.A. before the end of the year, so this means I might actually have something to do while I'm there. And two, if you visit the link to her blog entry, which you can do by clicking here, you'll see that apparently my marriage proposal to environmentalist Laurie David was the funniest marriage proposal EVER!!! However, it was still unsuccessful. So, gentlemen, the lesson is, don't bother being funny with your marriage proposal. Although, I'm not sure what to recommend doing. My serious marriage proposals don't work either. Still, check out this site for "eco-savvy brides" if you're getting married soon. Which you likely will be if you dated me recently. Apparently anyone who dates me these days becomes engaged to someone else within 6 months. Which means that either they decide "I'll never meet someone as great as Josh. So I might as well marry the next guy who comes along." Or they decide "If that's what dating is like, I never want to date again. So I might as well marry the next guy who comes along." I prefer to think it's the former. Regardless, if you wanna get married fast, go on a date with me. Ladies, take a number!

P.S. Oh, and naturally the girl I stayed with when I was in LA last January is now engaged. (In fact, she met the guy while I was staying with her. I've got some serious powers, man!) So if you know of a cheap place to rent in LA, or if I can crash on your LA futon for a bit, lemme know!