Saturday, December 31, 2011

I made one of the Top political YouTube videos of 2011!

This week I was thinking back on 2011 and wondered if my Love Song for Elizabeth May really just happened this year. Seems so long ago. But then tonight, on the last night of the year, I got a nice reminder that, yep, it happened in 2011: According to Yahoo! News, it was one of the Top political YouTube videos of 2011. Check out the article by clicking here. Glad I could be a part of a big Green step forward for Canada. Here's to more steps in 2012!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm on the Green Party of Ontario's Shadow Cabinet!

When Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner called me personally to ask if I would join his Shadow Cabinet, I turned Green with pride. The Shadow Cabinet will be staying on top of the Liberal government to advise them on how to make Ontario as healthy and sustainable as possible. And my folio is Consumer Services. Who better to keep tabs on that than an Advertising Copywriter, right? You can see the press release by clicking here or reading below:

Ontario Green Party’s New Shadow Cabinet will hold the old Parties at Queen’s Park Accountable

Toronto - “Why is a gas plant being built in Mississauga after the McGuinty Liberals promised to halt it during the election campaign?” asks Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario.  “Does the same fate await promises on the Melancthon mega quarry?”
“It took less than two months for election promises to be put on the back-burner and for a return to business-as-usual at Queen’s Park” says Schreiner.  "No wonder less than 50% of Ontarians voted in the provincial election."
The Green Party today announced an expanded Shadow Cabinet of passionate and dedicated citizens committed to long term solutions that put Ontario communities first. 
“Our team is committed to working with people of all political backgrounds on long term solutions to tackle the big challenges of our time.  We are not afraid of straight talk to address tough issues like rising energy prices,” says Schreiner.  “We can’t continue to subsidize energy prices and punt this challenge down the road to our kids and future generations.”
The Green Party’s Shadow Cabinet will focus on offering alternate policies to the status quo at Queen’s Park, with the goal of building a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable Ontario.
The Green Party’s Shadow Cabinet:
Aboriginal Affairs  - Jo Jo Holiday  (Kenora--Rainy River)
Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs  - Meade Helman  (York--Simcoe)
Attorney General  - Bassam Lazar  (London--Fanshawe)
Children and Youth Services  - Jennifer Mooradian  (St. Catharines)
Citizenship and Immigration  - Pauline Thornham  (Bramalea--Gore--Malton)
Community and Social Services  - Mark Daye  (Toronto Centre)
Community Safety and Correctional Services  - Jason Matyi  (Essex)
Consumer Services  - Josh Rachlis  (Eglinton--Lawrence)
Economic Development and Innovation - Dave Bagler  (Ottawa--Vanier)
Education  - Matt Richter  (Parry Sound --Muskoka)
Energy  - Steve Dyck  (Guelph)
Environment  - Stephanie-Lynn Russell  (Nickel Belt)
Finance  - Kevin O'Donnell  (Ottawa Centre)
Government Services  - Pauline Thompson  (Scarborough--Agincourt)
Health and Long-Term Care  - Judy Smith-Torrie  (Northumberland--Quinte West)
Infrastructure and Women's Directorate - Judith Van Veldhuysen  (St. Paul's)
Intergovernmental Affairs  - Angela Salewsky  (Etobicoke--Lakeshore)
Labour  - Kevin Labonte  (London North Centre)
Municipal Affairs and Housing  -  Stacey Leadbetter (Whitby-Oshawa)
Natural Resources  - Rob Strang  (Dufferin--Caledon)
Northern Development and Mines  - Pat Rogerson  (Sudbury)
Francophone Affairs - Nancy Matte  (Lanark--Frontenac--Lennox and Addington)
Seniors Secretariat - Gurleen Gill  (Etobicoke North)
Tourism and Culture  - Meredith Cross  (Niagara West--Glanbrook)
Training, Colleges and Universities  - Alex Hill  (Ottawa West--Nepean)
Transportation   - Tim Grant  (Trinity--Spadina) 
For more information on the Green Party of Ontario’s Shadow Cabinet please visit:
Becky Smit

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I turn down a bath with a swimsuit model to save water

A test pilot for the series My Life Is Garbage (formerly called Ecosexual) that educates about eco issues by harnessing the clean, green power of my pathetic life. Thanks to actresses Camila Mendes and Katie Uhlmann for offsetting my unattractiveness.

SYNOPSIS: Josh's passion for the environment can get him into hot water. Or not, as we see in this episode, where his sexy, Brazilian swimsuit model date takes him home and wants to have a bath with him.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm a Green Hero!

My mother always said I was "unique," and now I have proof. On April 22, 2011 at Toronto's Green Living Show, I was awarded the Unique Hero award by the Green Heroes TV show for how I help the environment with my green actions and my eco-comedy. And this was slightly BEFORE I released my Love Song For Elizabeth May that went viral and helped elect Canada's first Green MP. So imagine how unique of a Green Hero I must be now! Right, mom? (Yes, I'm posting about this award 4 months late. But hey, I've been busy saving the world. Uniquely.) Check out the award presentation by clicking here or viewing below.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I explain to the National Post what greens care about

In response to a National Post column claiming that environmentalism is about trying to control people's lives, I wrote a letter to the editor explaining that I care about the environment for quite different reasons. They were kind enough to print it as one of the few letters that day. Perhaps that means they'd like to take me on as their environmental columnist? (Hint hint)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elizabeth May loves me back!

When I posted my Love Song For Elizabeth May on Monday night, I dreamed of her adding me to Facebook. Tuesday afternoon, my dream came true. But never did I dare to dream that she would love me back. And if that can happen, anything is possible. Like her winning a seat in Parliament! Looks like I'm going to be the First Lady of Canada, just like Michelle Obama! Or something like that. In any case, I better go pick out my organic hemp inauguration dress!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last night I uploaded a song for Elizabeth May to YouTube. At the end of the song I asked her to add me to Facebook. And tada! She may be the leader of a national political party, but she's still a woman. And women like it when you write songs about them.

A love song for the leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May

Love Song For Elizabeth May - Love Song For Elizabeth May - Single

There's a federal election on in Canada, and Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, was shut out of the televised leaders debate. I, however, will debate her any time and have written a song to express this to her. On the party's website they talk about Strong Economy and Strong Communities, so that's why I sing about those things. If you can't see the video above, you can view the song by clicking here. And here are the lyrics so you can sing along:

Hey, hey, Elizabeth May
I’m an eco-guy who thinks about you every day
So when I heard the TV station wouldn’t let you come and play
I hopped on public transit and I came here to say

I’ll debate you in the morning
Over organic tea
I’ll debate you in the afternoon
As we plant a tree
I’ll debate you in the evening
As we compost scraps of food
But there’s no debating I love you

Hey, hey, Elizabeth May
I’d love to talk to you about the Green Part-ay
If the other leaders won’t then they must be afraid
But don’t worry about them because I’m super-brave

I’ll debate you in the morning
About strong economies
I’ll debate you in the afternoon
About strong communities
I’ll debate you in the evening
About whatever else you’re into
But there’s no debating I love you

I won’t debate Stephen because questions make him mad
I won’t debate Jack ‘cause I’m allergic to his stache
Gilles won’t like my accent so I better save my breath
But I owe it to the planet to debate Elizabeth

Oh, I forgot Iggy. But, well, doesn’t everyone?

I’ll debate you in the morning
As we recycle all our jars
I’ll debate you in the afternoon
As we drive electric cars
I’ll debate you in the evening
Until my green face turns to blue
But there’s no debating I love you

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pop-culture site Crushable labels me the Worst Trend Ever

You may have thought Nazism was the worst trend ever. Or maybe even the Macarena. But you'd be wrong. At least according to pop-culture/celebrity gossip site Crushable. Because in this past Saturday's article, author Lilit Marcus writes that eco-comedy (or "eco-medy" as she calls it but which I refuse to call it because even though it's catchy it reminds me of email) is the "Worst Trend Ever." Now, she's basing this solely on the recent Mother Nature Network article about eco-comedians. And you'll notice that there's already a nice comment under the Crushable article saying that my bald joke is actually quite funny. Oh, after that MNN article was published I got an email was published from a guy starting a stand-up comedy site who wants a clip of that bald joke. But whether something is funny or not is obviously in the funny bone of the beholder. The other question is whether the work is indeed "green washing," as the article suggests. I can only speak for my own work, but I can say that I'm careful to insert accurate, important environmental information in my stand-up comedy and short films. Now, I know the article was written tongue-in-cheek, but I'd still like to defend what little honour I have. And so I'm happy to report that Crushable liked my Facebook fan page posting about the article and has contacted me with an invitation to convince them that they're wrong about eco-comedy. I'm up for the challenge. Though to be honest, I'm actually happy to be known as the poster boy for the Worst Trend Ever. Takes some focus off my other role as poster boy for the Worst Date Ever.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm a GreenHeroes category winner! Come to the Green Living Show to see if I win the Grand Prize!!

GreenHeroes is an eco web channel and television series that will be announcing the Grand Prize Winner of their GreenHero contest at the Green Living Show this Sunday. The lucky winner, selected from nominations to (to see my nomination, click here) will be featured in an upcoming episode of GreenHeroes. Why am I telling you this? Because I just got an email saying I'm a category winner! Which apparently means that at the very least, I'll be getting a T-shirt. Which is very exciting for me, because it means I can delay doing laundry for another day. Oh, and I'm also now in the running for the Grand Prize. To see the Green Living Show's Main Stage schedule click here, and be at the Green Living Show on Sunday at 1:30 PM to congratulate me. Or to console me. Either way, I will let you touch my T-shirt.

Oh, and for the skeptics who need proof, here's the email:

Congratulations Josh! I am pleased to let you know that you are a category winner in the GreenHeroes contest!

With this distinction, you are also a finalist for the Grand Prize winner. The winner will be announced this coming Sunday, April  17th at 1:30 p.m..

We will be making a short presentation on-stage to all the finalists and then will be announcing the grand prize winner.  It would be great if you could join us to celebrate.

As a finalist you will receive a green heroes t-shirt, so please let us know your size, and if you will be able to attend on Sunday. We have a complimentary ticket for you and a guest. We also hope to host a little celebration afterward at our booth #337.
Thanks for participating and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Joan Prowse

Watch these bits from Night For Nature 2010 and come to this year's tomorrow!

To help you get in the mood for tomorrow's Night For Nature show, which I'll be MC'ing for the 2nd year in a row, here are some eco-riffic bits from last year's show. And this year promises to be even more exciting, with dancing, music, and even a presentation by HGTV host Carson Arthur. Plus, the silent auction and raffle prizes are worth the trip alone. So come! It will be the most environmentally-friendly thing you do tomorrow night. Unless you were planning to build a solar farm between 6 and 9 PM. In which case, I guess go do that instead. But otherwise, get the ticket information by clicking here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The WMEAC Blog asks if my eco-comedy is effective

Click here to read a nice piece about my eco-comedy in the WMEAC Blog (oh please, stop pretending you don't know WMEAC stands for West Michigan Environmental Action Council). The article ends by asking the reader to decide if eco-comedy is an effective tactic. Well, I sure hope it's effective, 'cause otherwise hosting Night For Nature in two days will be a waste of my Friday night. Oh, who am I kidding... I'd just be spending Friday night crying into my pillow as usual. So at least I'm getting out of the house. If you, too, need an excuse to pry yourself from your tear-salted bedding this Friday, get ticket info at the Facebook event listing by clicking here. I'm not saying you'll see a live performance of my new love song for Green Party leader Elizabeth May, but, well, ok, yes, I'm saying that.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

America's Comedy reports on MY comedy!

If any U.S. customs agents are reading this, I want you to know that having a video featured on the site America's Comedy grants me permission to work in America. After all, did you hear that Conan O'Brien got his start by having a video featured on America's Comedy? He didn't, but I was wondering if you'd heard that. Ok, ok, fine, ouch - Enough with the cavity search. Just check out the article by clicking here.

Monday, April 04, 2011

My eco-comedy is profiled in The Ottawa Citizen!

The Ottawa Citizen. Leading newspaper in our Nation's Capital. Keeping us informed about the most important issues in our country since 1845. And today, I am one of those issues. Well, ok, maybe the environment is the real issue in this story. But still, it's me getting the word out. I don't see any trees winning eco-comedy film awards. Trees are so lazy. I'm just kidding, I love trees. I mean, not THAT way. I'm into women. Although, come to think of it, I'd probably have more success with trees. Anyway, what was I happy about a second ago? Oh, right. The article. Check it out by clicking here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mother Nature Network profiles me in eco-comedy article!

Recently, a writer from Mother Nature Network asked to include me in a story about eco-comedians. And today that story was published. You can see the section about me by clicking here. And that's that. I can't think of anything witty to add. Which kind of undermines the story's claim that I'm one of the funniest eco-comedians. So I'll just end this post now and hope nobody notices that it wasn't funny. (Although, hey, by writing that this post wasn't funny, I'm supporting her claim that "Josh Rachlis specializes in his own brand of self-deprecating eco-irreverence." Ok,  whew. Reputation salvaged.)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Watch our show to popularize your blog!

Check out the latest episode of The Creative Itch at or below. The Creative Itch is a new advice show that teaches people how to pursue the creative careers of their dreams. After seeing our first episode where we explained the concept, Olga reached out to ask for advice on how to get lots of people to read her blog. Gwen and I sat down with her and gave her so many useful tips, Olga could start a blog about how to write a blog. Hey, that's not a bad idea, actually. We'll have to have her back as a guest so I can add that tip. In the meantime, what are your favourite tips from this episode? Any tips of your own? Post in the comments section, and let's all help each other scratch our creative itch!

The Creative Itch: How to get hits for your blog from Josh Rachlis on Vimeo.

My eco-comedy video wins eco-comedy video contest!

So, I heard about an eco-comedy video contest. Of course I was happy about this, because it means the eco message is getting spread. But it made me feel less special to know I'm not the only one making eco-comedy videos. Fortunately, my feeling of specialness returned upon receiving notice that I won the contest. Yah, that's right - Bring it on, eco-comedy videomakers! Bring it on!!! Wait, that's not very Gaia of me, is it? Ah, screw it. It's every environmentalist for him/herself. So I'll paste in the announcement email below to intimidate any future eco-comedy videomakers who might be getting any bright ideas. Like they used to put heads on poles to warn people what would happen if they made eco-comedy videos. Or something like that.


Subject: Winners of the Eco-Comedy Video Competition

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you the short, humorous video projects submitted to the Third Annual Eco-Comedy Video Competition.  We launched this competition as a way to encourage the use of humor in the fight for conservation.

All submissions are now available for you to enjoy here under the "Video Responses" heading.  I’ve included the four finalists at the end of this e-mail.  

I thank the Sierra Club, Eco-Sense, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Mill Reef Productions for making this competition possible through a partnership with SOC's Center for Environmental Filmmaking at AU.  I especially thank the Sierra Club for putting up the $1,000 prize money.

Congratulations to all our participants, and a very special congratulations to the two winners, Josh Rachlis for An Inconvenient Ruth, and Ben Zolno for Plastic State of Mind.  Josh and Ben will split the $1,000 prize from the Sierra Club.

Best, Chris

2011 Finalists:


The Energetic Energy-Saver

Professor Chris Palmer
Distinguished Film Producer in Residence
Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking
School of Communication, American University
4400 Mass Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20016-8017
cell 202-716-6160; office 202-885-3408; home 301-654-6137
Center website:
Shooting in the Wild on Facebook:
Shooting in the Wild website:
Follow me on Twitter @chrispalmer_au


And here's my winning video, to reinforce to eco-comedy videomakers what they're up against when they mess with me:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can you bear how cute this cartoon is?

For their latest shelf display sign, eco-friendly soap company The Soapworks wanted to teach people that hand sanitizers aren't enough to keep your hands germ-free - you also have to wash with soap. I wandered into the forest for inspiration and came across this poignant scene, which I quietly captured with pen and paper while crouched unseen in the bushes. Yes, that's the level of commitment you get when you commission an illustration from Josh Rachlis.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stand-up comedy post-Valentine's Day

Here's me doing stand-up comedy at The Eco Laundry Room on Feb. 19, 2011. Watch it below or visit to learn why the Italian PM's female friend is a prostitute, why the Mel Gibson insult rant is a fake, why it's a miracle sex ever happened, why having children is selfish, why being the husband of a female cuckold fetishist would rock, why being gay is a scam and why restaurants shouldn't charge extra for fajita shells. (That last one didn't have anything to do with Valentine's Day, but I had to get it off my chest.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

My heroic assembling of this superhero cartoon

A woman recently responded to my Kijiji ad asking for a very specific cartoon. She even provided visual references of everything. I'm attaching the items so you can see how it was all put together. She wanted the superhero body, with the sports team insignia on the shirt, holding up the company logo, with the face of her loved one. You can see how I put it all together, in full colour and in my special Josh style. The client was very pleased. You might say I passed the test with "flying colours." Or, if you don't enjoy horrible puns, you might not say that. Regardless, if you want your own personalized cartoon, email me at josh.rachlis (AT)

Mother duck teaches in my cartoon for soap company

For The Soap Works, the holiday season wasn't just a chance to sell eco-friendly gifts, it was a chance to remind us the importance of hand-washing to stay healthy. I came up with a few ways to convey this. And a loving mother duck and her duckling kids won out. Note: Do NOT read that last sentence out loud ten times fast. We're trying to keep things "clean." Ha ha, get it? Anyway, to order your own personalized cartoon, email me at joshrachlis (AT)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Frogs open their gifts in my xmas cartoon for the eco soap company

For the Christmas season, The Soap Works hired me to do another cartoon for their in-store displays. This one was to get out the message that soap is a gift people will actually use - which is yet another eco feature of the soaps. I came up with a few concepts, and this was the winner. I'm sure I could end this post with some double-meaning eco/frog pun playing off the expression "It's not easy being green," but, hey, write your own. Why do I have to do all the work here? To order a personalized cartoon of your very own, email me at: joshrachlis (AT)

Friday, January 21, 2011

My new show helps you get into creative careers!

As you know, I've been doing some creative careers consulting via my popular one-on-one Creativi-Teas. And now it's time to help a wider audience. Below or by clicking here, you can watch Episode 1 of The Creative Itch, a new show that will help all of you who have the urge to do something creative but don't know how to go about it.  My co-host Gwen Elliot is a kindred spirit, because like me she throws herself at every creative opportunity she can make or find. Today's Creative Itch Tip: (with apologies to Nike) Just do it. For example, if you want a TV show, film yourself and put it on YouTube. Like we're doing. See, you've learned something already and you haven't even watch the show yet. When's the last time you learned anything useful from Entertainment Tonight? I'm just kidding - I love Entertainment Tonight. I would host it in a second. You hear that, Entertainment Tonight producers? (See, there's another free tip: Ass-kissing.)