Thursday, September 27, 2012

I wrote the Bounce ad in today's Metro

I actually wrote this print ad over a year ago, I think. But I came across it this morning while reading today's Metro paper on the subway. I guess it's so clever that it keeps on working for Bounce. Just like Bounce freshness keeps on working. (See what I did there? Watch and learn, aspiring copywriters. Watch and learn.)

The 1st part of the headline refers to the sheets, the 2nd part to the bar. The body copy reads: "Like taking control with sheets? Or want to kick back and let the dryer bar give you automatic Bounce freshness for about 4 months at a time? Whichever type you are, you'll be the type of person who has awesomely fresh laundry every time." Tagline: "How do you get your Bounce?"

Monday, September 10, 2012

I interviewed the creator of The Love Lettering Project

For my show Josh Rachlis 180 ("All the news of Anderson Cooper 360. Half the degrees."), on Thursday I interviewed Lindsay Zier-Vogel as she manned her famous Love Lettering Project during "Celebrate Yonge" on Toronto's Yonge Street during the Toronto International Film Festival. Why has a cute little art project been covered by Taddle Creek Magazine, Global Television, CBC Radio's DNTO, Yahoo! News, The Toronto Star, CTV's Canada AM and more? Watch below and find out! (Oh, and just in case you didn't think I'm a legit reporter, it's also posted as a CNN iReport at Take that, Anderson!)

I interviewed Andy Lee, background actor

I've been planning to do fun interviews for a new online show I'll call "Josh Rachlis 180." (All the news of Anderson Cooper 360. Half the degrees.) While walking along Yonge Street during TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) on Thursday, I stopped in a pub washroom and thought of the idea for The J List - a feature of JR180 where I interview actors who are lower down the career line than The A List. Then I came across my friend Lindsay's Love Lettering Project, told her my idea, and she told me to interview her friend Andy, who happened to be standing there. So below is my interview with Andy Lee, background actor in movies and TV shows like Pacific Rim, Saving Hope, The LA Complex and Degrassi: The Next Generation. (To maximize Andy's exposure to the world, and my exposure to Anderson Cooper, I've also posted it as a CNN iReport at