Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I auditioned for Come Date With Me Canada

According to the Facebook page for Come Date With My Canada, here's what this new TV show is about:

"Think you have the dating skills to take down the competition? Prove it. Four contestants compete for the attention of one lucky singleton... and a cash prize! Come DATE with Me features four males, from all walks of life and ages, vying for the attention of one lucky lady."

Well, I don't think for one second that I have any dating skills, but I'm always up for a challenge. So when my TV producer friend Samara suggested I contact the people at this show, I did so. An hour long phone interview with Susan the casting director ensued. Followed by this morning's 3-hour long interview in my condo. I gave Susan a tour of my place, which included me acting out the hypothetical dinner party date with my Smurf collection (Smurfette was the girl, I was the Smurf with an acoustic medieval guitar, Bay Street Lawyer was the Smurf who looked like a king, Sports Guy was Football Smurf, and Bar Guy was a beer drinking Smurf). I also improvised a little song on my guitar. And was asked to put on my Enviroman eco-superhero costume. I'm not sure if any of this will help me get on the show. But I sure entertained myself. And that's really what matters, right? At least, that's what I keep telling myself when I cry myself to sleep alone every night.

Susan packing up her camera after filming me in my Enviroman costume. She expressed surprise as to what my costume looked like. I guess she hadn't actually watched my eco music video. But I'm sure it was just a coincidence that she packed up right after the costume part.

I wrote this IKEA Back To School radio ad

Here's an IKEA Back To School radio ad that I wrote. It's called "Agreeing" and went to air on July 30. I know, I know - It's Back To School time already? How depressing! But hopefully this ad will help cheer you up. To listen to it, click here: IKEA Agreeing
On the left is Katherine Cappellacci, who played the daughter. Then there's me, who wrote this brilliant piece of comedy. Then there's Tracey Hoyt, who played the mom. And in the frame is a childhood photo of Jonas, who is the Swedish voice of IKEA and is in the radio ad too. Not sure why his childhood photo was in the recording studio, but it worked out for the purposes of this shot.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm acting in this Popeye's Chicken radio ad

Currently airing across Canada, a new radio ad for Popeye's Chicken features me as a guy who's so passionate about his Popeye's Chicken that he's recording himself "unboxing" it, just like those people who make videos for YouTube of themselves unboxing new products like iPhones. At the recording session, the Copywriter (who's familiar with my work) told me: "I just knew you'd understand making an unboxing video." Not sure why he'd think I could get into the mindset of someone who puts their whole life on the Internet. But anyway, thanks for reading my blog post about the radio ad I just acted in! You can hear it by clicking here.