Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Listen to me acting in a radio ad for Drenched Water Ski Fest!

Below is me as "Guy 2" in a radio ad for Drenched, a pretty awesome-sounding water ski festival in Alberta. Water skiing was actually my favourite activity at summer camp, so this is especially meaningful to me. Even though I have no idea what I'm saying in the ad. Okay, that's not true. At the session, they told us what the dialogue means. But for the audition, my co-star - Scott Gorman - and I were clueless. But I guess it worked for us, because we auditioned together and we both got chosen for the spot! That's some magical chemistry there. They even wound up using our little improvised bit at the end. That growling was my idea. And guess what? Turns out Scott acted in A Midsummer Night's Dream with my sister Naomi a few years ago. So this guy is pretty much part of the family. The brother I never had. The son I'll never conceive. The husband I'll never... Okay, you get the idea. Oh, and a "hungry sea lion" is a cougar.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I've illustrated the James Ready Beer Newsletter! (Twice!)

The good folks at James Ready Beer are doing everything they can to keep their beer costing just a buck a bottle. That means cutting expenses around the factory. So when their old computer printer broke recently, they had to find another cheap way to publish their popular in-case newsletter. And nothing's cheaper than, well, me. So I drew their newsletter. I took the liberty of adding a few of my own personal flourishes and I guess people liked them, because I was asked to draw the next newsletter too. (Anyone know a cheap printer repair guy? My hand's starting to cramp up.)