Sunday, April 30, 2017

On Friday, April 21, this guy (in rasta hat) came to install the acoustic panels I hired him to make for my new home studio. That's his high school buddy who came to help him. THE STORY: A couple of months ago I decided to turn my second bedroom into an echo-free space to make my voice acting easier and better. (And at some point it occured to me that this could improve my YouTubing too.) I researched every possible acoustic treatment option (egg crates on the wall, foam squares on the wall, just stand-up panels) and decided to hire this guy to make me panels for the walls and ceiling, plus free-standing panels. And tada - The room looks and sounds amazing! Sadly, the day they came, I woke up with a bad cold and I was in my bathroom sneezing the whole time they were here. (Serves me right for going to that webseries party the night before. I always get sick from eating food that's sitting out where germs can get on it and from shaking hands with people.) So I didn't get to help them and learn about the process and film it. But hopefully they'll come back so I can interview them in the studio about the studio. Before they arrived, I did manage to move the bed out of the room. The bed is now on its side in my dining area. I hope gets a million subscribers soon to make all this worth it! Oh, and if you want to make a great-sounding space for recording audio and video for your voice acting, music making, YouTubing or whatever, message me and I'll hook you up with this company! 🎙 #recordingstudio #homerecording #homestudio #acousticpanels #Toronto #voiceacting #musicrecording #YouTubing #recordingengineer #musicstudio #filmstudio 🎤 I am a: #celebrityinterviewer #entertainmentreporter #radiohost #tvhost #comedian #actor #voiceactor #singersongwriter #cartoonist #screenwriter #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #foodblogger #entertainmentblogger #fashionblogger #mommyblogger #YouTuber #podcaster #digitalnomad

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