Saturday, April 08, 2017

#massage #dentist #orthodontist #TMJ As I walked into @greenlivingpage, I was sad that my jaw was sore and tight (maybe from talking a while to my friend at @secondcupcanada - but talking shouldn't hurt, right?). I know I'll be visiting @foresthillortho soon, but even if they can help, braces take years to work. In The Green Living Show, I stopped to talk with this woman at the @iqtechnologies booth. She asked if I have pain anywhere, and I thought and realized, ya, my jaw. She put electrodes on my back and cycled through various modes and strengths. It totally flexed my muscles! I should get ones for my family. I asked if I could try it on my jaw, and she asked the other guy the booth, and he said no. I could see on their chart that all the points to put it on are from the neck down. But maybe I'll get one of these and put it on my jaw anyways. My dentists have done it before and it was OK. Most recently at @mintdentistryto. But that costs over $300 an hour, and I can't afford that. So I'm thinking of buying one. The booth girl says she's not on social media because she has a boyfriend. I agreed that she doesn't want creepy guys like me messaging on Instagram. And I gave her my contact info, because she has a cousin who acts on @orphanblack and another cousin who's a producer at @CBC. I said I would interview her cousin for Hopefully the interview will be even easier if I can fix my jaw. 😬 #orthodontics #TMJ #GreenLivingShow #Toronto 💪🏻 I am a: #celebrityinterviewer #entertainmentreporter #radiohost #tvhost #comedian #actor #voiceactor #singersongwriter #cartoonist #screenwriter #filmcritic #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #foodblogger #entertainmentblogger #fashionblogger #mommyblogger #YouTuber #podcaster #digitalnomad

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