Sunday, May 21, 2017

#orthodontist #dentist #Toronto @foresthillortho May 12: Had another @gbcollege dental appointment (at 8am! but got there 8:30am) where Jenny had time to start a bit of cleaning, but will finish next time. But I did get a paper bag of goodies - @oralb toothbrush, @crest toothpaste, @listerine_official floss and mouthwash, Gum-brand tongue cleaner. Then headed north to Forest Hill Orthodontics (as reco'd by Jenny's teacher) to see if braces would help my tight jaw. Got there early, so sat at @pressecafe and the guy made me a blueberry parfait. Then at @foresthillortho, they wanted to do x-rays, but I asked them not to yet. So they started with just photos of my mouth. And then when they put them on a TV in Danielle's office, I saw blueberries stuck in my teeth! Nooo! Why is my life a Seinfeld episode?! But Dr. Tracey Hendler said it didn't affect her evaluation. But I'll bet it affected her opinion of me. But I told her I bet she's seen worse. Anyway, she said that from teeth grinding and being tense, my jaw muscles were very big and well-developed. So at least she noticed my big muscles. She's going to refer me to a TMJ specialist dentist. She thinks it's a muscle issue rather than a teeth alignment issue. It's nice that she told me the truth so I didn't have to waste money on braces. But she says I could come back to get braces for cosmetic reasons after I take care of my jaw problem. But I'm not sure that my teeth gaps are what's keeping from being married and famous. But I do recommend this clinic! Maybe I'll start doing cartoons and videos about them to help promote them. Remind me to pick the blueberries out of my teeth before I film anything. 😬 #orthodontics #TMJ #teeth #dentalhygienist #dentalhygieneschool #dental 🍓 I am a: #celebrityinterviewer #entertainmentreporter #radiohost #tvhost #comedian #actor #voiceactor #singersongwriter #cartoonist #screenwriter #filmcritic #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #foodblogger #entertainmentblogger #fashionblogger #mommyblogger #YouTuber #podcaster #digitalnomad

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