Friday, May 26, 2017

#church #Jewish #Toronto May 14: So I assumed a "mission" was a homeless shelter, so I wore my usual shlubby clothes, but when I went inside, I saw that everyone was dressed nice, because it's a church! My life is so awkward! The background: My friend Elana invited me to St. John The Compassionate Mission for Mother's Day lunch. I thought a mission meant it was just for homeless people, so I was nervous to go in, lest they think I was taking food that was for homeless people. (This is the same concern I had at that Christmas dinner at the Y in Ottawa that my mom was volunteering at.) Also, it looked like a church, and I'm Jewish. So I was doubly nervous. 🇮🇱 #homeless #charity #religion #poverty #fashionblog #vlogger #influencer

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